SMC Promotions, Inc. Ohio Lawsuit

On July 8, 2009, a lawsuit was filed through this office against SMC Promotions, Inc. (a company which enticed members to purchase membership kits, and in turn to sell miscellaneous products and knick-knacks to other consumers).  SMC Promotions, Inc. has also been known as Specialty Merchandise Corp. and EMerchantClub and was the subject of a frequent late night infomercial featuring spokesperson, Tom Bosley, from the hit television show Happy Days.  Litigation was filed against SMC Promotions in Erie County, Ohio citing violations of Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act, breach of contract, and fraud in their dealings with purchasing members.  These issues were raised in the Erie County lawsuit: John Henderson, et al., v. SMC Promotions, Inc., et al. Case No. 2009-CV-0576.

The Henderson case remains pending in Erie County, Ohio.  We are currently seeking out other Ohio residents who may have purchased membership kits in the past (2010 or before) from SMC Promotions, Inc.  If you are an Ohio resident, who is a current or former member of SMC Promotions, Inc., and you would be willing to speak with one of our attorneys please fill out the form below with your current contact information.  Completing this online form does not create an attorney client relationship nor does it obligate the Rengel Law Office or its attorneys to represent your interests; however, if you meet the above criteria, someone from this office would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time to speak with you.

Because the litigation in which this office is involved is pending in Ohio and cites to Ohio statutory authority, we are unable to field communications from non-Ohio residents.


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This web page is designed to provide general information about pending Ohio litigation with SMC Promotions, Inc. and with the purpose of gathering contact information of other Ohio resident members of SMC Promotions, Inc. Your use of this form to communicate with this law firm or any individual members of this firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Therefore, confidential or time sensitive information should not be submitted through this web site unless specifically requested by one of our attorneys.

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